Our Truffles
Truffles, With A Twist

Purchasing & Delivery

Collections are sold as a 2-piece for $6, 5-piece for $14, 8-piece for $22, or as a 12-piece for $33. Currently serving Bay Area only. All truffle collections will be hand delivered.


  • SUN: Menlo Park Farmers Market (on Chestnut St.)


Banana Foster
  • White chocolate banana with caramel porter
  • covered in dark chocolate
Cherry Blossom
  • Dark chocolate bar with apple, sour cherry, & pistachio
Coconut Lime **New**
  • Coconut Lime
Cranberry Jeruk [back for the season]
  • Cranberry Jelly with orange filling
Dreamy Nangka
  • White chocolate Jackfruit
Fistik Bar
  • White chocolate bar with apple, sour cherry, & pistachio
Land of the Nile
  • White chocolate bar with figs, dates & walnuts
Lekach [back for the season]
  • Honey cake
Mango con Habanero
  • mango with a smooth kick of habanero
  • 2018 Gold winning for Spicy Chocolate
Mango Elaichi
  • Mango cardamom jelly
Masala **New**
  • Dark chocolate spiced with masala spices
Mexican Caliente Chocolate **New**
  • Spicy Mexican hot chocolate
Middle Earth Bar
  • Dark chocolate bar with figs, dates & walnuts
Midnight Mahro
  • Dark chocolate mango
On Point
  • 72% dark chocolate
Pearl of the Sea
  • Dark Chocolate Bar with bananas, cranberries & almonds
Pumpkin Spic **New**
  • Spiced pumpkin
Raspberry Yuzu **New**
  • Raspberry, yuzu dark chocolate
Romantic Mahro
  • White chocolate mango
  • encased in dark chocolate shell
Rose Water Saffron
  • Rose water saffron jelly
  • w/ white chocolate cardamom
  • 2018 Gold – Overall Truffle Artistry
  • 2018 Silver-  Most Unique
Ruby Bar
  • White chocolate bar with banana, cranberry, & almonds
Sesame Praline **New**
  • Sesame praline
Strawberry Matcha
  • Strawberry Jelly
  • with matcha chocolate filling
Vietnamese Coffee
  • Dark chocolate coffee
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Our Story
Celebrating Diversity through Flavors

My main reason to changed careers from an engineer to a chocolatier
is a personal reason and was planted when I was 8 yrs old by a little girl named

When I first moved here, I fought hard to fit into a new school, new culture,
and new country. Ashley, an American girl, stood up for me when our classmates
would tease me for being different. She continued to do this for the
rest of the year.

I'm not sure what compelled her to stand up for me, but she did.  She taught
me to be comfortable in my own skin, even if I am different. More importantly,
she taught me that regardless how different our story is, we're
the same silly and dorky 4th grade girls.

So I started this chocolate shop as a way for me to continue what Ashley did
for me.  To show others that regardless of how different our story is, we
share more in common than differences.  And we should celebrate our