Celebrate your multicultural story.

Reconnect to your own heritage and discover new world of flavors.

Create Your Own Box

Get exactly what you want, or gift a unique assortment made just for your special someone.
Brighten someone's day with this strawberry bar!
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Cookies n Cream
Transports you back happy and carefree moments with the cookies n cream bar.
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Tap into your inner child!
Charlotte Walter

Meet The Maker

Charlotte is a multi-cultural chocolatier who sparks cultural curiosity and connection to your heritage through classical cultural flavors as they were meant to be, but with a twist- in chocolate!
Matcha Bar (Bytez)
Pandan Bytez
Ube Bytez
Kiss Me I'm Irish Stick
Funfetti Chix

Weddings & Corporate Gifting

We offer a range of custom chocolates for your shop or business. From collaborative flavors to custom logos, we're happy to work together on a truly special offering.