Corporate & Custom Gifts

Celebrate your multi-cultural team with classical cultural inspired bonbons.

Gratitude through flavors.

Deepen your connections with your multi-cultural team members through cultural flavors, as they were traditionally meant to be.

Signature Collection

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A petite box filled with decadent flavors that celebrate the multi-cultural story in all of us.

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A 16 piece box filled with our sginature bonbons that represent the cultural diversity of your team.

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A 24 piece box filled with signature bonbons that have direct connections to specific culture.

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Awards & Recognition

Team Building Event: With A Virtual or In-Person Events.

Chocolate Tasting

One Hour — $95 per person.

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Make Your Own Bar

90 Minutes — $125 per person.

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Make Your Own Bonbons

Three Hours — $200 per person.

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From our customers


Charlotte did a fabulous job!! We had a few hiccus in our shipping and she followed through every shipment.

We truly appreciate her follow through on this!

Leslie, P
Redwood City, CA.

We used Charlotte Truffles for our client gifting. And our clients truly loved it!!

Her attentiveness to detail was truly appreciated!!

Jackie, J
Walnut Creek, CA.

We frequently use Charlotte Truffles boxes for our team's holiday gifting. Her chocolate is always so popular and they can't wait for the next holiday season.

We couldn't be happier to support a local shop!

Wynne, G.
Mountain View, CA.

Anytime my OUS team come onsite, we always close off their week-long visit with a dinner.

They know they will always get Charlotte Truffles Boxes during Dinner. It is always a complete hit!

Charlotte makes it super easy to show my appreciation toward my team.

Rohan, G.
San Jose, CA.

Every time I need any team gifting, I always go with Charlotte Truffles.

Greg, W.
Santa Clara, CA.