We're a 2023 Good Food Award Winner!!!

Hello! Earlier this year, we won the Emmy's of the food world!  We were awarded with the 2023 Good Food Award winner for our Rose Water Saffron. 

Have you had our Rose Water Saffron?  In case you haven't, here's the backstory behind this flavor. 

Our good friends were ready to celebrate #diwali in 2016 and requested for us to make this flavor. I told her, that I'm not going to make a bonbon that I'm not familiar with. So she suggested to check out an Indian Sweet shop in Sunnyvale and taste a couple of their sweets.

This shop was incredible but everything that was in there were written in Hindi. I stuck out like a sore thumb but I'm on a mission. I asked the store owner to suggest a couple sweets with rose water and saffron flavor.

I came home with too many sweets and everything I tasted was perfectly balanced. I dissected the flavor. I tried to determine which flavor comes through first, then which flavor comes next and finally what it finishes with. I continued to dissect it and determine what texture we're really going with. I came up with the recipe and gave the sample to our friend.

The first sample tasted like a potpourri bag because the rose water was too overwhelming. She gave a few tips and I went back to the kitchen. We went through this process a few more times and each time it was getting closer and closer to her vision and the flavor I tasted in those sweets.

Alas, after more a few more attempts we landed on our current recipe. This is by far one of my most accomplished bonbons. This has nothing to do with the awards we won, but more for the fact that I was able to truly capture the moment, the flavor and the memories she had back at home in two bites.

And this feedback is echoed with all Indian and Middle Eastern clients. So many of them mentioned how this just reverts them back to their childhood or flashes their memory back to home. 🥺

I'm so grateful for all the stories that all of you have shared. I'm privileged to hear them all.

And this is truly what I'm incredibly proud of. It also doesn't hurt that this bonbon won 2 awards. 😂

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