From the Beginning

I immigrated to the US when I was 8 years old. When I first moved, I tried hard to assimilate myself to a new culture and learning a new language right in the middle of the school year. This entire process was not an easy one. But to make things even more exciting, things that were cool back in Indonesia were, definitely, not cool in the US.

Charlotte Walter

I tried my very best to assimilate to the American culture and avoided being different. I was so dedicated to fitting in that I've unconsciously started to distance myself from my Indonesian/ Chinese heritage. This led to a loss in that deep connection and honestly, feeling lost. Now, I'm finding my sense of belonging by reconnecting through Indonesian and Chinese food.

Classically cultural flavors

Finding a balance in our multi-cultural connection is a complex situation. I hope that by sharing my journey, I can help others navigate through their own.  

In the past, my source of connections and comfort were through books; through characters who struggle with their own identity. It made me realize that what I'm feeling is not unique.  But outside the books, conversations like this doesn’t happen as often as I like. 

My huge dream is that our culturally classical inspired bonbons can spark this conversation or keep the conversations going. It's the reason why our shop has such diverse flavor profiles that have direct connections to a specific heritage.